The Style Evolution of Kelly Osbourne

Kelly Osbourne caught my eye a few years ago when she was seen with blonde hair and wearing a lot of Chanel, she started her radio career and was appearing on fashion programmes everywhere and even presented Project Catwalk. Then she disappeared, along with her style. Everyone remembers Kelly when her and her family, The Osbourne's, hit our screens. She was the moody slightly chubby punk teenager. She had pink hair and a lot of tattoos. Last week though I really took notice when pictures emerged of her wearing some pretty risky outfits, finishing with her boyfriend caused her to lose some pounds and damn, she looks good! I thought then I'd look at her evolving style, she's had every hair colour going and been very skinny and then bigger, back to skinny…. So here's Kelly over the years

This is how kelly first emerged, pink spiky hair, tattoos and a whole lot of attitude

Taking her white skin the the extreme with this geisha look

These colours look gorgeous against Kelly's milky skin colour

Kelly tries a different look with slicked back hair and short lacy mini. This was when I began to take Kelly seriously with her style.

Dying her hair blonde gives Kelly a sleeker image and losing her punk background

Going back to her roots with black hair, armed with the perfect fashion points accessory Sienna Miller

I really loved Kelly's hair this lilac colour, and the make up matches perfectly. She was trying something completely different.

This was when Kelly came back on the radar, she lost some weight after doing dancing with the stars and even more after her break up. She looks toned and is glowing. The dress looks gorgeous on her figure and her blonde hair really suits her skin colour

Kelly looking a lot thinner here and although on paper sounds trashy, tattoos and a cigarette, I think she looks like a bombshell. She looks stunning here and like a movie star.

The two above pictures were her debut as a Pussy Cat Doll and she looks fab. I think it's the hair and make-up that make her looks so good here.

Kelly emerged last week in this gorgeous skirt and top, I think this is the start of Kelly Osbourne's new style. Keeping the hair and slim figure, done healthily of course, will get her far. I think she's got the potential to become a real big style star this year! We'll see! What do you think of Kelly's style?


Playing Hooksies said...

God, what a change she has been through!! She does look great now, but I wonder if she is staying in shape by eating healthier and staying active, or if she is resulting to other means. If she is doing all of this in a safe manner, I applaud her :)

I used to watch her on the Ozbournes (sp?) all the time back in the early 2000's.

adler666official said...

i like her so much! good that she found her style now, looking so sweet in liliac hair and glam clothes!!