So these are the images the fashion world has thrown at us today! Olivia Palermo for Mango, alongside her model boyfriend. The first shot looks photoshopped to the max and makes Olivia look almost unrecognisable. I do really like the second shot as it makes Olivia look a little different and more like a model! Can't wait to see the other shots! Olivia should wear red lipstick more often, it really suits her!

I could not be more disappointed with Vogue's choice of a cover star. To me Emma Watson isn't an exiting actress or a star. She was extremely lucky to be part of The Harry Potter Franchise and even more lucky to have people like Karl Lagerfield throwing Chanel clothes at her left right and centre. I really hate her hair this short and the shot is a cliche version of Twiggy. I think it's predictable with her new short hair. Vogue did a really good cover last year with Lara Stone and though that was more appropriate for a December cover. I'm sure the rest of the Issue will be great!

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Beautiful :))))))))