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I was reading Vogue's January Issue and saw Georgia Jagger's shoot. I loved the shoot and all the shots but I couldn't help but see a resemblance between Georgia and a young Jordan/Katie Price. Now before I go on I'd like to point out that I am not a fan of Miss Katie Price, and I do not consider her to be a 'clever business woman' for getting payed to get her kit off. Maybe I am delusional, but i saw the resemblance because of the dark eyebrows and gapped tooth. I'm talking of the very very early modelling pictures of 'Jordan' before her nose job/lipo/12th boobjob/botox etc. etc. Do you see the resemblance in the pictures I've chosen or am I crazy? I think Georgia is gorgeous and shows how maybe Katie Price could have looked like if she hadn't had so much surgery!

No more posts on Katie Price after this, Promise!

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The Dandizette said...

I kinda see it ... I do think it's just the angles though, I love Kate Moss but she looks completly different in photos with bright lights etc then she does in person.